Cell Repair Lift Serum [30ML]

SGD 129.00


Peptides and antioxidant-rich botanicals diminish the appearance of wrinkles and restore skin’s youthful appearance. Essential amino acids and copper re-engerise cells and help skin produce fresh collagen and elastin.


• Repairs, restores and plumps up skin

• Awakens skin cells’ natural rejuvenating properties and targets signs of ageing

• Improves skin elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen I & III and elastin fibres

• Antioxidants neutralise free radicals and eliminate factors that contribute to skin ageing

• Significantly brightens skin tone

• Non-greasy and non-comedogenic

• Suitable for all skin types


Every morning and evening, after cleansing with Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse, toning with Revitalising Tonic and applying Nourishing Skin Cream, smooth a small amount of Cell Repair Lift Serum over face and neck.



• Plays an important role in boosting and regulating epidermal cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and survival. Rejuvenates the appearance of skin, and also reduces and prevents the formation of wrinkles and scars by actively generating new skin cells

• This deep penetrating bio-active has a special molecular sequence that is able to bind and activate the key elements in skin that promote the synthesis of collagen

• Helps to maintain youthful and healthy skin by supporting and strengthening the underlying skin structure and minimising the depth of wrinkles and facial lines

Pre-Activated MG6P

• As skin cells age, metabolism slows down, causing skin to look tired and dull. Harnessing cutting-edge biotechnological processes, essential amino acids are synergistically engineered with copper to produce a pure source of bio-energy which re-energises skin cells and reactivates the ability of skin fibroblasts to produce fresh, high quality collagen and elastin

• As a result, skin experiences significant improvements in firmness and elasticity, and lines appear diminished

Bioactive African Birch Extract

• Specially titrated to capture its rich ellagic acid content which helps to increase the skin’s intake of Vitamin C, which in turn stimulates collagen synthesis

• Also inhibits the enzymes, MMPs, which are responsible for degrading the components of the dermis extracellular matrix

• Helps to protect dermal-epidermal cohesion, resulting in stronger, healthier skin that is more resistant to ageing and sagging

• In addition, ellagic acid is a highly efficient antioxidant which helps to stop the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS), reducing the damaging effects of oxidative stress on skin


• Youthful skin is packed with silicium which acts like the glue that holds the various components of skin together. Over time, the level of silicium in skin drops, leading to weaker skin tissue. This results in the formation of wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing such as sagging and dullness.

• To address this issue, Cell Repair Lift Serum has incorporated silanols, a source of organic silicium

• Specially engineered to make it compatible with skin

• Silanols help with skin restructuring, regeneration and protection, boosting the levels of silicium in skin tissue

Oat Protein Extract

• Rich in beta glucans, oat protein is soothing and moisturising

• Helps to lift and tone skin, resulting in a more youthful complexion