MTS Roller (Micro Needle Roller)

SGD 45.00



  • For Professional - Aesthetician use (0.5mm)
  • For individual - Home care use (0.25mm)

It is a Micro Needle Roller with a new concept equipped with patented micro-needle technology which is researched and developed by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and Honam Petrochemical Corp.

  • Stimulate collagen rebuilt
  • Improve wrinkles appearance and increase skin absorption level
  • Reduce acne marks, hyperpigmentation
  • Help achieve transparent and radiant skin 
  • Pore minimizing


Medical Needling = Skin Rejuvenation
The roller equipped with specially manufactured micro needles will make fine passages on epidermis and it will help topical medications in being efficiently imbibed. It can be an alternative of laser surgery and able to restore aged skin without removing epidermis and doing damages on the skin. 


With your fingers, hold your skin under slight tension (stretching). Place roller on your skin and roll with a constant movement to the end of the skin area. Roll in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions. Roll 3 to 9 times in each direction.

Use twice a week, 3-5 min for each time.

For optimal results, apply ampoule before and after rolling.

Disinfection of the MTS roller

Wash it out with tepid water from which water pressure is applied or input it in alcohol and wash it out with water and dry it in a well ventilated place.