Revitalising Tonic [120ML]

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Made from the purest essences derived from fruits and flowers, it instantly restores and replenishes your skin’s natural moisture balance. This helps to prep it for optimal absorption of the ingredients from the rest of your skincare.

To balance your skin’s pH level, our formula uses an amino acid complex and a fruit acid. Soothing and balancing, the Revitalising Tonic can be used between facial washes as a quick pick-me-up for your skin.


• Balances and restores your skin’s natural pH

• Improves skin luminosity and firmness

• Boosts skin’s natural ability to rehydrate and balance itself

• Gently refines and clarifies skin and pores

• 100% fragrance- and alcohol-free

• Suitable for all skin types


Every morning and evening, after cleansing with Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse, soak a cotton pad with the Revitalising Tonic. Smooth it over cleansed face and neck. Pat into skin until fully absorbed and followwith day or night skincare.


Rose Floral Water

• Soothing, balancing and calming

• Rich in phyto-nutrients and helps to stimulate skin regeneration

• Ideal for dry, sensitive, inflamed skin Neroli Floral Water

• Suitable for all skin types

• Especially ideal for oily and acne-prone skin as it has natural astringent properties and gently tones and refreshes skin

• Relieves feelings of stress

Geranium Floral Water

• Has skin balancing properties. Helps to regulate and normalise sebum production so that skin becomes healthy and well-balanced

Amino Acid Complex

• Amino acids are skin’s best moisturisers as they are the building blocks of skin and are highly compatible with skin

• Thoroughly quenches thirsty skin and helps skin retain moisture on its own

• Also calms irritated skin